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Trainning & Therapy

An individual encounter can be the beginning of a new journey in our inner world, the one of emotions, organized by healing. It can also be the first move to overcome a difficult situation.

We experientially recognize the way in which we organize ourselves internally and identify the dysfunctional connections within us which produce similar external situations. We also carefully understand the needs of someone during this particular period of time and eventually we plan the next steps together.



Therapeutic - Educational

Based on the five (space, time, movement, intention, power) as a language of transmitting knowledge in interaction, we regularly create therapeutic or educational seminars. A new way of thinking and being is pumped and organized through this knowledge into interaction.



Trainning & Therapy

Treatment groups is a very important, the most appropriate and extremely flexible framework for change. With the right guidance we interact experientially and get trained to recognize and develop the roles we take on in the four main contexts of everyday life: Professional, Parental, Companional, Self-Developmental.

There are weekly or monthly scheduled treatment groups.



9 Principles Trainning

This program offers an experiential transformation practice that requires a relatively longer engagement with both our body and our mind. It is connected to our developmental psychology and practical transformation through a specially designed neuropsychological physical exercise (related to the principles of aikido).

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