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We enable lasting thoughtful change for your workgroup.

In Soma Topos we see as a Leader someone who has the ability to inspire groundedly, to transmit enthusiasm and energy to himself and others.

At the heart of this Existentially Alert Leader is the meaning of communication itself as a process of exploration and communion.

We call him the self-realized Leader because he himself is the road, the route and his goal in his role to lead through the context in which he is.

                  A new era of entrepreneurship is calling us for
                     a new Leadership on existential alertness.


This means that at the center is the development of the quality of human resources that each company has. The most successful companies around the world invest in the leadership development of their employees.

Leadership in this case does not depend only on technical knowledge or talents, but on Being at the core, someone as a Leader of an organization or a group and passes it on to his team.

The new qualities are the internal complexity that refers to the emotional, mental, physical intelligence possessed by the leader, the ability to include many parameters in making a decision. The way information is managed and transferred and the emergence of shared meaning through communication now refers to the sense of the leader's special presence in the organization.

Some characteristics of this Leader in existential alertness are:

Responding rather than reacting, exploring rather than explaining in communication, giving feedback rather than telling it to be done,

to coordinate through the way he communicates rather than saving, going slow and being there early.

To see the workplace as a place of thoughtful change & development of the people who participate and collaborate with it.

The confidence one exudes in one's presence, the true creativity under time constraints, the insightful ultimate functionality as to the direction that needs to be followed along with rationality, the energy one possesses for one's position are just some of the characteristics of this new self. - Realized Leadership.



The Hospitality training we offer at Soma-Topos is unique.

It has central axes a psychology of perception and sensation and the process of highlighting value and meaning in communication as a central core.

Through a wide range of practices based on our customized programs they solve the most common organizational and human capital challenges facing business today.

Rather than standardized programs, we commit over time to creating new frameworks and practices that address the company's values and nurture the organization's people to be those values.

                                                                  Connecting external and internal training goals
The typical communication training in organizations and programs that build a leadership team just gives ideas and an initial impulse that in a moment of crisis everything we have learned evaporates.

Our methodology in working with groups and organizations is completely different.

We focus on uncovering the values that an organization usually tacitly or overtly represents.

Then because these values are usually just on a superficial verbal level we plan and organize together a strategy of gradually incorporating these values.

This is a process of education and includes the entire psychobiological state of the individuals and the group of the organization. Learning and integrating new skills and behaviors is individually addressed in relation to the organization's value framework.

The ways of learning are always in relation to the cultural background of the groups and are designed based on the ways and forms of vitality topologically.

For example if an organization is a multinational company the values of the company will need based on each department in which country it is to create a local work plan. The processes are always interpersonal and are meant to reveal the joy of sharing something vital that connects you.

This is a completely different example of leadership training and team building. We've created a realistic, on-the-ground version of mindfulness and integration that your team can use in high-pressure situations to stay grounded in your organization's values while successfully overcoming challenges, achieving their goals, and making a difference.

Soft skills, such as deep interpersonal communication, teamwork, critical thinking, adaptability and leadership, are necessary to implement a diversity in a team or organization with minimal power.
It is also a discipline that uses principles of the martial art of Aikido that focus on inner strength combined with the psychology of perception and feeling for existential awareness in the present.


Antonis Kryonis 

                                                          Psychotherapy | Consulting | Systems | Somatics

Development consultant oriented towards the organization & development of human systems. Psychotherapist Instructor of the collaborative-non-violent-martial art Aikido. Vice President of the Hellenic Aikikai Federation & member of the EAF. With business activity as a director.

Group Analysis & Developmental Counseling, Family Therapy & Systemic Constellations, NLP, Systems-Centered Training.

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