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We have the experience & the knowledge

Accelerate your psychological & spiritual awakening

We know what is needed for this purpose

These retreats are specially designed as an opportunity for the participant to gain accumulated knowledge and experiential practice in a short period of time that would otherwise take a few months to acquire.


Knowledge that sets you free

Insight leading to Self-Control

Knowledge and experiential practice liberates and brings strength. We offer a combination of psychological work that extends to our existential and spiritual experiential knowledge of the Self. We help to overcome the tendencies of aggression towards ourselves from losses and injuries of the past.

We combine the ancient knowledge of the martial arts of kinetic meditation with modern psychology science completely grounded based on reality and common sense. Spontaneity and inspiration in terms of teaching is unique and relevant to the participants in each retreat. you will have the opportunity to get final and meaningful answers to your very important questions. The insight of those who share in these rertreats can change your life.


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Systemic Constalation

The body as place through movement and connection to heal trauma from the past. Self-awareness through the lucid perception of energy movement as a self-observing map of our consciousness

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Somatic Perception - Masterclass I

In the present moment there is always a sense that is recognized only through the body as place as vital space. The perceptual experience in the vital space is connected with movement as a force in some direction.

Psycho-training of Therapists/Counselors 

Energy-based psychoeducation in communication in the here and now. The exploration   of human systems based on function from survival to growth & transformation.

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Cinema Therapy

Η τέχνη μας ψυχαγωγεί και μας εξυψώνει σωματικά, ψυχικά και πνευματικά. Σε όλους μας έχει τύχει να δούμε ένα έργο τέχνης το οποίο να μας άγγιξε ιδιαίτερα ή να μας προβλημάτισε σε σχέση με τη δικία μας ζωή.

I'm That - Online Study & Work Group

Through the texts of the Book we transfer to the present the group as working on the research of the experience of the Self.

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