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                         TRAINING OF THERAPISTS - CONSULTANS 

Our world is characterized by ecological and social challenges as well as major technological changes. Only a community with exceptional creative skills can thrive in such conditions. It also takes imagination, the capacity for new, intuitive insight into what is not yet fully known, the capacity to dream, and especially the capacity to engage in a deep and free flow of creative collaboration. ​


                                                  We need the soft part love to live our lives and the hard part to manage our lives.


Soma Topos offers an innovative and effective approach to change at all levels of a human system (the individual, the individual as a team member, the culture of the organization as a whole). Using methods and tools of inquiry, grounded in the body and energy in the here and now, soffers a map to explain the events that arise within human systems and determines what needs to happen next to bring about change.


 We created a synthetic training that includes the systemic constelation, system center training method and aikido body work.

 The main emphasis is on physical perception and the movement of energy, as information, in communication as well as developing emotional intelligence.   

The program aims at the transfer of experiential & theoretical knowledge which makes it possible over time for each participant to implement a system-centric work framework for their development and their work. The contact and   control of reality, thinking and broadening perception within the interaction of relationships with other people and our relationship mainly with the life force are practical goals of the program. It also aims at the acquisition of professional specialization and the development of special abilities.


Resetting and creating a mechanism of self-observation (the explorer) is a major goal of training throughout the training. That is, the development of an existential vigilance in the present for this self-observation of the explorer in interaction with others and not a simplistic observation of our ego and our personality.

We have two ways of producing emotions one is directly from the perception of sensory stimuli internal or external as an experience  of the body in the present and the second is through the words that describe and explain an experience.

The feelings produced through this verbal communication are not from a real experience in the present but are created by the words that convey the information and by the way we think of the experience as a representation (virtual reality).

In this way we make a big distinction between exploring in the present in the unknown and explaining something from the past something known something we kind of have as a memory.

Our brain cannot distinguish between a memory-recollection from a representation and from a real experience in the present and in both our   brain has the same experience.

 So when we recall a memory from the past we can have the same experience even when it is not happening in the present.

 It is in the process of training our minds to distinguish between these two things. Then we can observe the messages from our body and what they mean or what their meaning is.

But how do we do this? We retrain our focus of attention using the sensory perception of the body. This is therefore the tool that connects us to the present and reality and offers us the knowledge we gain from the process.

 There are abilities we had when we were born but have degenerated and need a conscious reset.

So the first thing that learning involves is to restore the relationship of the mind to the control of reality. To learn how to do a reality check.

The second is to restore our relationship with the sensory perception of the body, the knowledge it brings, as well as the emotional understanding.

The third thing is trying to lower defenses against anxiety.

   Theory & Practice

Each Saturday leading up to the training day participants can take part in a pure experiential exploratory journey with their body with the practice of Systemic Representation.

  We learn through movement and connection the information that is revealed to us at this unique moment.

All training is mostly experiential.

Some Topics

1. Vital space, forms of vitality – Morphogenetic field   

2. System of self-observation the explorer (exploration vs. explanation)

3. The present as context, role, goal, position, Role systems, Homeostasis

4. Atropic Perception – Insight Intuition-Continuity-Coordination -  Conscious

5. Orders of helping & rules blocks transfer.

6. The types of  Consciousness, guilt innocence, belonging, individual, member of collective,  wholeness

7. Hierarchy - Isomorphism 

8. Force Field dynamics, representation, representation of archetypes

9. Orders of love  give & take companionship

10. Phylogenetic protocols victim perpetrator perpetrator intergenerational trauma


A detailed program is sent during the personal information registration in the program.



To clinical psychologists, psychotherapists, consultants, leaders of organizations-businesses, trainers, health professionals, humanities, etc. To people with an interest in exploration.​

WHEN: The first Sunday of every month in  2022 & 2023.

WHERE:  Athens, Gerakas Attica, 139 Marathonos Street. AND /OR online ZOOM

COST: €90 per day


The training is led by Antonis Kryonis, Systems Development Consultant - Psychotherapist - Martial Arts Teacher.

Contact: Tel. 2106995071 - Email:

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