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Developing emotional and somatic inteligence 
Communication & Creativity program
Soma-Topos Hub

 Αυτό είναι ένα πρόγραμμα με επίκεντρο μια τέχνη και απώτερο σκοπό να ενσωματώση κάποιος αξίες πολιτισμικές  και να αυξήση την νουμοσήνη του μέσα απο την πρακτική της τέχνης 

 Cultivating an inner Complexity is the main focus of a member of Soma Topos Hub. That mean you have to be curious to develope emotional inteligence, connect yourself with your instictual self and practice your intelect to be sharp and find the right words to express what you want or what you feel. 

This is a program in order to attain you must have the energy resources and spend  time for your development.  It is also a processes that you will interact and be consulted continously with one or more personal mentors coaches or colsultansies from our team.  

It is a physhical and emotional training skill program.

You can join our hub as a member and  you can participate in a group that work's for a project and at the same time it is in a process of exploring and developing Deep Communication skills like empathy, intution, insight, functional attunment.  It is a serious and challenging work. The goal is to understand what creativity is and how responsibility and commitment are core skills that one can cultivate during the deferent stages  of a developing prossess.  

At the end of the program you will be in a position to interact totaly diferent with other people  

All the processes are experiential or a combination with AI working tools. 

Grow Your Vision for Yourself
Be a member of Soma Topos Hub in your area 

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