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In Soma Topos, we perceive the body as a boundary structure in Space, and the mind as a boundary structure in Time.


Mind -Time (Past, Present, Future)

Body - Living Space (Physical body, Environment, Energy) 

Human system behavior is the outer expression of the inner system dynamics.

Therefore, system behavior implies the status of the dynamic equilibrium and the systems' primary and secondary goals.

Primary goals are related to internal system survival: system maintenance and maturation. System maintenance requires making order out of chaos, structuring the system boundaries of inside and outside, space and time, reality and irreality. Maturation depends upon how successfully the system maintenance role behavior has related to these goals.

Secondary goals are related to the external survival in the environment in which the system exists. This can be generated from within or from without. Successful achievement of environmental goals depends upon how successfully the system task role behavior is related to these goals, and how congruent secondary external goals are with the primary, internal goals.

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