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ΣΥΣΤΗΜΙΚΗ ΑΝΑΠΑΡΑΣΤΑΣΗ (Εξώφυλλο καναλιού YouTube) (1).png


A psychotraining Day seminar to restore life force in to the body 


In this workshop we will mainly explore experientially but also theoretically the concept of body awareness, that is, the complete reconnection with the energy and life force through the body.

•The body is the only object that is always present, it never deceives us, physicality describes through physiology, psychology and connection to life energy, one's exact state of consciousness.

• In the present moment there is always a sensation recognized by the body. The perceptual experience in space is connected to a "movement". In this sense of bodily perception movement is associated with an inner sensation that moves us from within as an intention.

• Usually when we feel emotionally anxious and fearful we lose touch with this inner feeling. Then we lose the ability to define our body, our actions, our energy and the ability to feel. This defense of disconnection from the life force then gives us the illusion that we are in psychological control.

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Content & Objectives

We have the knowledge and experience:

The body is present every moment (as a tool of perception)

Our body gives us all the information about our experience in the present. Through bodily sensation we perceive information much more directly than our feelings and thoughts. By being able to decode and perceive these stimuli we can achieve a bodily awareness and coherence. And this in turn creates a solid foundation on an emotional and mental level.

In this workshop our goals are:

  • To get back in touch with our body

  • To map body parts in relation to our mental health

  • To discover what it's like to have healthy boundaries with ourselves and others

  • To use our body to ground and focus

  • To explore the physical sensation and how it is connected to our psychology and emotions

  • To find our physical and emotional center

  • To increase the stimulation of energy in our body

Participation Fee:

50 Ευρώ

We will learn to interact   with full connection  

We will do a work with the body and energy, the cultivation of bodily sensation as a clear perception in relation to the present and reality.  

We will focus experientially

We will tune in through the body as a tool  of exploration rather than verbal explanation, understanding the transition from survival to growth.  

We will get an experience

We will learn to consciously increase in simple ways the increase in energy stimulation in our body and stay in the anxiety that this edge of the unknown has by increasing our tolerance for it. 

We will learn to recognize the   transition   from one frame of inteligence to another.

We will learn to make the transition through communication whether it is physical intelligence or emotional or verbal, to explore while staying at the edge of the unknown where only there is energy.




11.00  Attendance

11.30  Start 

11.30- 12.00 Theory  

12.00-13.00 1st Physical Exercise – "Physical Boundaries"

13.00-13.20  Discussion - Share 

13.30-14.00  2nd Physical Exercise "Grounding and Centering"

14.00-15.00   Break Food 

15.00- 15.30  3rd Physical Exercise "Finding Resources"

15.30- 16.00  Discussion - Sharing 

16.00 - 17.30   Systemic Representation Exercise "Myth of Gaia"

17.30-18.00  Body Perception - Obstacles & Motivations

                     Closing group

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