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At Soma Topos, functional movement in human systems is a natural transition from Survival to Development and Transformation.


Survive :

Surviving is the most important aspect of life. But the arousal of energy in our system is not the same in every human being from the beginning of life ( birth). Enhancing life as a living human system is very important. Surviving ability is how much energy we can capture in our system. Most of us usually keep the arousal of energy low in order to control the level of anxiety inside us. High arousal state (not tension or anxiety) of the system can give us the ability to make the next developmental step. If the arousal of our system is low we can simply survive and we function at a low energy frequency. In this last situation it is most common as a defence to disconnect ourselves from life force. In other words we survive but we don't develop. ​


Develop :

If we can see the movement of the energy in a human system, then we can understand how we can change the system in a period of time . Using Communication of information more consciously we can develop. We connect with each other first in similarities and then we can explore and bring in communication with the differences. But first of all we have to learn how to minimize the noise in the communication of information. Moving from surviving to exploration does not mean being in a compulsive state but being curious. Using dynamic tools in communication of information as a process we can find the direction (intention) and force of energy. Only then we can be creative. When we have a goal we need to explore and not just spend the energy that people bring to the system. In this way we can continuously be focused and not lose our goal. Development is a process of changing ourselves in the interaction level with each other and thus very important. We can lead our system to a high functional level then transformation is possible. ​


Transform :

Transforming is to trans (go beyond) the form. Then we must cultivate the ability of the self not only as psychological or physical entities, but also existencial, we have to be present. In this way we can transform every day as an adventure. Everything usually is a transaction in our lives, but transformation is a continuous conscious life process as a movement. Life expansion beyond limits of body and psychological identity. It is not just the meaning of something. Transforming comes with a commitment to a discipline. Discipline is a transforming process. We can transcend things with a discipline, it is the responsibility that transforms. We use systemic constellation, aikido, systemic knowledge and we have created a number of powerful discipline tools for transformation.

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