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A psycho-spiritual healing weekly group meeting


Αυξήστε τη διέγερση της ζωτικής ενέργειας μέσα στο σύστημα σας. Η επιβίωση ως η βαθιά σύνδεση με την ενέργεια του ενστικτώδη Ατομικού εαυτού. 


Functioning with  High arousal

Energy in our system vibrates in different frequencies. When we are born we don’t have the same arousal in our system. Some of us are more energetic, and others with low arousal and less connected with life force. It is important to raise the frequencies of the energy of life force with which we function at the highest possible functional state. If we want to be calm we need to have a high arousal state of energy in our system.



Content & Objectives

We have the knowledge & experience

Our sense of presence combined with a deep connection to the energy of life gives us the experience of the world. This is not a simple thing, it takes practice to recognize where the current of the universal life force is so that we can connect with it. -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

In these meetings our goals are:

  • To learn to come to the here and now with consciousness

  • To learn to have a high stimulation of the life force in our system.

  • To place our anxiety at the edge of the unknown. 

  • Be full of knowledge and high energy. 

  • To develop physical emotional & mental intelligence.

  • Increase our tolerance for interpersonal communication anxiety   and resistance.

Cost of online  Participation:

Monthly 30 Euro  


We will interact as a group

We will work on the basis of interpersonal communication to clarify and control reality with tools of existential dialogue as meditation in the present.  

We will focus experientially

We will tune in to exploration rather than explanation, understanding the transition from survival to growth and the necessary condition of curiosity.  

We will get an experience

We will learn to stay with anxiety at the edge of the unknown by increasing our tolerance for it. 

I willcultivate our relationship with context

We will learn through communication whether it is physical or emotional or verbal, to explore staying at the edge of the unknown where only there is the energy.

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