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Systemic Constellation is a phenomenological practice, which explores and to some extent clarifies the dynamic function in human systems, which is difficult to understand otherwise. This practice reveals our strength but also our vulnerability as members of a family or a system to which we belong.


Our work, through Systemic Constellation, allows us to understand the complex network of interconnection, through which we have reached, from the generations of the past, to our present state, while providing a springboard for our future.


Moreover, by the application of the method, through the energy field of consciousness created by the members, and through the movement, information emerges, relevant not only to what is discernible but also to what is not visible. Thus, information is recognized and incorporated, which as they emerge from the unconscious, coordinate us with a greater movement. And through the great movements and the archetypal forms, the flow of the cosmic energy that penetrates us appears and even if it does not belong to us, we are all part of it.


The seminars are aimed at those who are quite experienced in self-development and those who are interested in specific issues, such as human relationships, how to make important decisions, resolve internal or external conflicts, professional success, fatal events in relationships and family, such as diseases or losses etc.


They are also intended for those who cannot "allow" themselves to be in a happy and successful life.


The seminars offer knowledge, empowerment and more clarity of perception. They invigorate and inspire more freedom and creativity.

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