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Energy, in Soma Topos, is understood as a continuous flow of information, with basic organizational characteristics of Direction and Power in interaction.

In everyday life as we interact with people we influence each other. The energy crosses the boundaries of our body and mind to give us information. Under this point of view, the psychological role behavior we adopt in our lives, is the way we organize our energy inside us.


By the term of information we declare the procedure of learning through practice, the skill of our attention. This is achieved by crossing the boundaries from the outside into the inside focusing our attention to this change.


In this way we can evolve a new psychological role behavior in our lives. Energy as it is organized inside us can take the form of a survival role behavior or a developmental role behavior. 

Energy management in communication for ourselves, as members of a system, is all about influence. We describe two dynamic aspects of this process: direction (prothesis) and force.


We work on this level through the dynamic field of a system and understand the way energy is organized within itself.

For example, when we tend to reach a target, we need to organize or re-organize our way towards our goals without losing the main focus of our energy. In communication with other people and also with the environment, we draw our attention to the effects, according to the direction (prothesis) and force as we exchange energy in interaction.

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