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Conscious Rebirth

It is necessary for one to die in relation to oneself, in order to be reborn, that is, to die in relation to one level of "It", in order to ascend to another.

It takes zeal to see deeper and a curiosity to develop consciousness. Without these qualities nothing is clear.

One way to approach a different quality of consciousness is to consciously work on focusing our attention, both inside and outside the world. Our attention needs to be released, we need to focus on it internally, on the internal organization of thoughts, beliefs, feelings, etc. in order to begin to explore and discover who we really are. Usually we feel fear and anxiety in standing on this edge of the unknown, we need to stand with someone who knows and can really guide us. This is essentially the right direction for the development of our consciousness.

As we move within a group or relationship, interaction with others deeply affects us. The impression that others have of us, as well as the position or roles that come unconsciously and mechanically, initially serve as a necessary condition for the survival of the relationship or group. Only when we are trained do we become able to move evolutionarily and explore beyond survival. That is why it is necessary to work together with others consciously, otherwise our actions are bound to a low level of coordination due to the lack of attention to the conscious effort for development.

It is a common experience for the image of ourselves in an environment known to us, to feel a psychological pressure to take on or remain in a position of emotional isolation to serve the purpose of the survival of the system (group / relationship). An automatic reaction always starts from this pressure. Unconscious exploration leads to emotional isolation, consolidating a single role, or a wrong position in the system that only serves survival.

Those who isolate someone are wrong

For example, a well-known scenario of survival - isolation in the family is the following: The children, the father, the parents of the couple, even close relatives, look at the mother and constantly ask for more and more care. Then an unconscious competition is created between the members for who will get the most. This tendency for more emotional care of the mother leads the whole family to create an intimacy similar to that of young children.

What is left for the mother then? An established and tough isolation role. She is there to keep the unpleasant feelings alone and on behalf of the whole system, covering at the level of emotional survival the needs of everyone for care. But this love makes us smaller and brings abandonment and loneliness. Usually a daughter imitates and takes over on behalf of the mother this survival role in the next generation.

Our attention to other survival situations is also constantly wandering, we do not realize what the event is but we just react. The creative movement and action that develops us is the process of learning to be interested, to perceive, to observe and to take responsibility for everything, thoughts, feelings, beliefs, roles, desires, etc.

We can only be liberated when we feel helpless, nothing worthwhile will appear, as long as we are satisfied and confident with the known reality we are experiencing.

By staying ahead of the unknown with compassion for ourselves, we can have a chance to free ourselves.

The moment we can say to everything that exists or does not exist in our life that "It is okay", then we agree and accept things as they are, that is, ourselves exactly as they are and others as they are.

This consent and acceptance, along with the freedom that accompanies it, connects us to others in a different way. They can come to us freely and we can move towards them freely in the present.

This feeling gives us a true inner parity and joy in interacting with others who do not need to take on roles or a position in relation to us. Thus, the fear of the unknown, our expectations and our intentions for the world and others are left behind and relationships become simple.

It is a freedom that allows everything to develop in its own way and at the same time to serve others. The consent of "It is okay", makes us realize the limits of what we can and cannot do in our lives. Eventually we draw from existence and agree with existence as it is.

We wish you such a joy for today and for the whole next year!

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