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"A restlessness always exists within us, which prompts us to keep everything familiar and familiar, so that we remain certain that nothing will change. This certainty creates a feeling of security and continuity. Thus, by believing that we know who we are, we believe that we are preserving the ourselves, that we will not "lose" it. After all, it is our human nature to want things to remain unchanged. Immovable, in a way. But at the same time, there is within us the will to explore and to change. This is a force which, without realizing it, calmly and quietly pushes us towards the unknown. This book urges change. It contains stories of people, impressions and images, which if we allow to pass through us, will affect us and lead us to change. A change that has to do with our transition to a new inner state on the one hand and with the awakening of our inner curiosity for exploration and discovery on the other hand. The book p you hold in your hands, it turns the anxiety that life's critical moments bring into opportunities to stimulate curiosity without simply trying to extinguish it. "Curiosity killed the cat" but information brought it back." -Antonis Kryonis-

The Book of Life - Antonis Kryonis


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