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 True action doesn't change but transforms. A change of heart is real action. The action remains hidden in the unknown, it is impossible  to know it. You can only know its fruits.
Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj   


One spiritual psychotherapeutic journey of knowledge and experience

Energy Constalletion is a phenomenological practice that explores and clarifies the dynamic field in human systems that are otherwise difficult to understand. It reveals our strength and vulnerability as members of a system to which we belong.
Our work through Energy Constellation allows us to perceive the complex web of interconnection, reaching our present state from past generations. It is also based on the concept of complexity  where we move in the present based on a future that awaits us and requires us to  recognize the specific developmental steps insightfully & to become the truly embodied  meaning of our lives.
Through the energy field of consciousness created by the members it emerges information & functions arranging what is visible and also what is not seen through movement. We recognize emerging solutions and information that align us with the greater movement of life. Appearing through archetypal forms and large movements, the flow of universal energy that permeates us does not belong to us, but we are all part of it and we need to recognize where it is.
The seminar offers enough knowledge & empowerment, more clarity of perception rejuvenates and creates inspiration for more freedom and creativity.
*The number of participants is limited and reservation is binding. Due to the special conditions, all prescribed protection measures will be observed if necessary. (mask use, self test, etc.).


Content & Objectives

We have the knowledge & experience

The seminar is about and suitable whether someone is quite experienced in self-development self-awareness or is just starting out and is in the early stages of searching. The issue of relationships is a central theme as well as important decisions and resolution of internal or external conflicts.  It is also generally addressed to those seeking psychotherapy and self-awareness in an exploratory existential context.

In this healing journey our goals are:

  • To learn how it really affects us through raw energy potentials and relationships and change it 

  • Gradually restore a developmental balance in the context we are interested in and in all the usual contexts family companion professional & self-awareness. 

  • To develop physical and emotional intelligence.

  • To control anxiety and the tension.

  • Offers enough knowledge & empowerment

  • More clarity of perception, rejuvenation, inspiration for more freedom and creativity.

Participation fee:

Saturday 60 euros   

Prepaid cost for entire program  400 euro


We will interact as a group

We will do a work with the body and energy, with tools of energy constellation, meditation and dynamic communication.  

We will focus experientially

We will tune in to exploration rather than explanation, understanding functionality in the transition from survival to growth and from there to transformation, with the necessary condition   the curiosity to explore.  

We will have a profound experience

An experiential journey of month-to-month transformation within the self-aware healing framework of energy visualization & mindfulness meditation 

We will cultivate our relationship with our deepest Self

We will learn through the movements of love to find our place where there is energy for us guided by compassion and the use of real awareness. To feel that where you are is really worth it and your presence has meaning for others.



  SATURDAY TIME 11.00 AM TO 6.00 PM  

1-10-2022 Gerakas  139 Marathonos Str.

5-11-2022  Gerakas 139 Marathonos Str.

3-12-2022  Gerakas 139 Marathonos Str.

7-1-2023   Thessaloniki 

4-2-2023   Gerakas 139 Marathonos Str.

4-3-2023   Gerakas 139 Marathonos Str.

1-4-2023   Thessaloniki

6-5-2023   Gerakas 139 Marathonos Str.

3-6-2023   Gerakas 139 Marathonos Str.

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