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Our approach 
Healing - Development - Transformation - Self Awareness 

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At Soma topos the approach we follow finds application in work on vital areas and the physical needs of a person. In other words, we work on the need for someone to belong, to be a member of a group of people as well as in the relationship with the hierarchy within us and the balance of giving and taking in relationships with other people.​ In short, we lead someone to reconnect with himself, to understand and functionally organize his inner world. This organization of emotions, thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors leads one to first learn to survive emotionally, physically, or mentally and then to move toward growth, exploration, and transformation.

Applying in Different Contexts



Reveals & releases the hidden dysfunctional potentials of family ties



Training to focus on interaction to identify the context of the goal and the role.



Creating the ability to participate in a deep and free flow of creative collaboration.



Achieves liberation from the difficulty of being happy, successful and creative

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Enhances clarity of perception & cultivates insight & intuition



Deepening communication as an energy-information transfer to the here and now

What is Somatopos


Work at Soma Topos develops in the organization of three levels of sensation: vital energy, emotion / feeling and intellect (mental). The main goals are to recognize the feelings, our own and others', as well as their inner function so that we are not confused. The goal is to be connected to our vital energy so that we do not subconsciously sabotage ourselves by ending up weak. In addition, the goal is to be able to communicate in words about how we feel emotionally, that is, to convey exactly what we are experiencing, as a sense of ourselves at all times. Watch the video for more:

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Learn about the therapeutic method of Systemic Constellation that brings to the surface information from the field of consciousness, bringing love and order to your life.

Conscious Leadership

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We achieve conscious leadership by learning to apply fast and clear information transfer with dynamic ability for capacity and feedback to team members.

At soma-topos we are willing to share knowledge, training and teaching methods, developed on the basis of modern psychology and the ancient traditions of martial arts.

Systemic Constellation

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Now Meetings

Episode 1: The energy in communication and its relationship with life

Discover existential knowledge as it relates to modern psychology

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