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   The stochastic Change

                                                                   We strengthen human connections.

                                                                     We organize the transition beyond.

                                                           We promote reframing as thoughtful change. 

We carefully organize and bring out the harmonious path of change, in individuals, groups and organizations, using the right functional tools to first connect with the life force, the purpose of the framework they are in first and then their change and development.

           Our approach 
Healing - Development - Transformation - Self Awareness 



                                                   Stochastic change is not simply adaptive change. It is a change in self-love

                                                          and the others it possesses clarity of perception and is final irreversible.

                                             For this reason it takes time, it is slow but whoever tunes in with it is always early

                        in a future from before this happens, he is there in time. About cultivating intuition for the next step

                      but also rationality in a more long-term plan. Our practices always include a wide range of combined techniques on a                                     physical and psychological level and in this way we have a change at a deeper level of our brain body plasticity.

                 Therefore we do not define change as an adaptation to something known in the present but more as a preparation in the                                                            present for a future we await. We can describe this kind of change:

                                                  It's going late to be there early versus being in a hurry and arriving late.

                                                                                            "The truly human contemplative change

                                                                                       works intuitively and recognizes the critical ones

                                                                                                     irreversible moments in the present

                                                                                      associated with specific changes in the future."

Applying in Different Contexts

What is Somatopos


Work at Soma Topos develops in the organization of three levels of sensation: vital energy, emotion / feeling and intellect (mental). The main goals are to recognize the feelings, our own and others', as well as their inner function so that we are not confused. The goal is to be connected to our vital energy so that we do not subconsciously sabotage ourselves by ending up weak. In addition, the goal is to be able to communicate in words about how we feel emotionally, that is, to convey exactly what we are experiencing, as a sense of ourselves at all times. Watch the video for more:

Σχέδιο χωρίς τίτλο (22).png

Learn about the therapeutic method of Systemic Constellation that brings to the surface information from the field of consciousness, bringing love and order to your life.

Conscious Leadership

Image by Kushagra Kevat

We achieve conscious leadership by learning to apply fast and clear information transfer with dynamic ability for capacity and feedback to team members.

At soma-topos we are willing to share knowledge, training and teaching methods, developed on the basis of modern psychology and the ancient traditions of martial arts.

Systemic Constellation

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